The Colette Skip is a once rare event where the runner can save about 10 seconds by getting rid of a brain slug extra early. It is named after Suisse French LIMBO runner DarthColette, who discovered the skip.

This skip takes place after the weights puzzle. The player gets hit by a brain slug, runs into the light and is then forced to slide down a hill where, in a regular scenario, he would need to run into another light to eventually use a box to reach the creatures who eat the slug from the characters head.

In a Colette Skip, the player jumps on the exact right spot after sliding down. This is a frame-perfect action that triggers the action of the creatures to get rid of the slug. The player can then immediately continue the run without having to turn back.

Setup Edit

After years of being a mythical dream skip, runner sad_david broke the code and found a setup for the skip, making it actually reliable in runs. It is possible to perform with both keyboard and gamepad controls.

  1. After you got the brain slug is attached to your head, get into the light and turn around, as usual
  2. When you approach the slope, jump on it from shortly after the brain slugs cocoon's position on the ceiling
  3. Slide down the first slope after you pass the tree in the foreground and see two patches of grass on the ground. Do a little jump around the second patch
  4. On the second slope, jump down as late as possible so, so you get a long walk before the creatures on the ceiling
  5. Once you pass the little rock for about two thirds, perform a jump
  6. When you x position is alsmost beyond the leftmost creature, let go of every input
  7. When you are beyond the leftmost creature, press left
  8. If done everything correctly, you have now performed a Colette skip. Congratulations!