A French Limbo runneur in the wild. #LIMBOonlyForFrench

The saying #limboonlyforfrench is a sarcastic statement that says that speedrunning LIMBO is only for people who have the French nationality. The saying originates from the fact that all the top runners are French

  •  In any% Normal Route out of the seven runners who managed to achieve a sub42 time, only one - Buckeye, who is American - is not French
  • Currently seven out of the top 10 runners for normal route are French, which Stefan and RainingEndavor (both Canadian) being the only one besides Buckeye
  • Out of a total of 45 currently registered runners in the leaderboards, 22, almost 50%, are French
  • Three out of the ten registered runners for the Hard Route are non-French (Zet, Stefan, hppylttletrees) and the 9 eggs route only has two non-French runners: Darth Colette, who is, however, Suisse French and klekotek who is Hungarian

As of 2017, these stats have mostly shifted away from these French trends:

  • Out of the 16 sub-42 runners in Normal route, half are non-french.
  • In the top ten for Normal route, only 3 now are French - Melegant, Celulith, and Yajijy.
  • Out of the 83 players of the game, 27 are French.
  • In the 16 registered runners for hard route, 8 are non-French. For the 9-eggs route, 9 out of 17 are non-French