The Mosquito is a section in the Normal Route. This part separates the Normal and Hard Route: followers of the Normal Route will climb up a ladder while the Hard Route runner will continue running right.

Once on top of the ladder the player can jump down in a puddle where, nearby, a mosquito is feasting. In order to continue the player has to grab one of the mosquito's legs, which will cause the runner to be carried up, where he can continue the run.

The difficulty in this section is that the mosquito will be scared away when being approached too fast, which will make it fly up to a safer place. Scaring the mosquito can result in quite some time loss. The player can tell when he's going too fast when the mosquito lifts its head, this is a signal to stop and wait till it loses attention again.


Approaching the mosquito depends on the platform the runner is playing on:

  • PC: Hold the forward button for a split second and release. Repeating this process will make the player able to successfully run towards the mosquito without being noticed.
  • Console: Push the analog stick slightly to the right, this will make the player enter 'slow walk'. This ability gives a controller a slight advantage in this part of the run.

The player is able to reach for the mosquito's legs as soon as he is out of the water by doing a big jump.