The Sawperhero (or Yajisaw) skip is a trick only available in the Dark route. It appears on the beginning, between the double ladder and gatling part and the sparkling moving platform. It allows you to cut and pass through a big saw's cycle that you normally are forced to do.

Normal way Edit

Normally, when you reach this place, the saw starts to move slowly on right, and quickly on left, and you have to take a break between the two platforms, in order to go the left side. We all were thinking after many tries, that the saw's cycle was weakless, and it was impossible to rush to the left without waiting in the middle of the floor.

The skip Edit

By using precise moves and perfect timing, it's possible after the first saw's passage to go immediately to the left side without being hit. This shorcut is able to save around 11 or 12 seconds, but it's very difficult to execute. That's why we call it the Sawperhero skip (Saw + Superhero).

Like most of the Limbo's skips, either you save precious seconds, or you kill your run if you die. The advantage of this trick is that if you already feel you have bad timing to do it correctly, you still can cancel it by staying hung on the left platform, and wait for the normal saw's cycle.

How to do it Edit

Soon... We're currently working on this new skip.