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    Once these are empty and WantedPages has no links, stage 1 of the wiki is complete.

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  • TehGelly

    Improvements to be made

    April 27, 2017 by TehGelly

    Here are the improvements that need to be made to make the current wiki have good quality.

    Replacing placeholders: Glass strats, Piston Cycles, Egg 2 Death Warp, Egg 3 Death Warp, ParhelevatorDark Tire Skips, Banana Skip, Dark Ladder Hop

    Adding missing text: 9 Eggs, Buoy Swag, Normal Route, Sutii Box, Tire Skip ,Versions

    Adding missing videos: Basic strats, Worm Strats

    Adding missing gifs/photos: Alien Skip, Audio Drown, Boat Boosting, Buoy Swag, Cart Boosting, Celulith Skip, Celulith Super Jump, Early Sparks Egg, Glass strats, Gore Filter, One-cycle H, Pit Skip, Platform Boost, Rock Boost, Spider Boost, Sutii Box?, Swaggerhero, Tixi Box, Two-Cycle 9-Egg

    Adding video tutorials for Major Skips: Colette Skip, The Sawperhero skip, Tree Skip, Aliā€¦

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